When Admiral Konstantine told me he does not feel up to it and then pile drove his interdictor into the Rebel ship led by Admiral Jun Sato. That folly wastes the Emperor’s efforts to quell threats within the galaxy.

I wonder how much trouble I’d be in if I made a copy of this and hung it in my cubicle at work…

Are you in a leadership position within the Empire? If you are, and some individuals are your charges, then yes. If you are not, perhaps you should speak to the moffs or different interests groups.

Ugh, the propriety and responsibility of leadership. Things were so much easier before I became a low-ranking officer, but that’s the price one has to pay for more power and prestige.

Perhaps I’ll discretely place a copy in the officers’ lounge…where things are more relaxed.

Aboard your ship? Which one? And it’s never for power or prestige, it’s for the service of the Emperor. Besides, all personnel matter aboard every ship in the Empire, no matter the rank.

When I was a cadet at Coruscant Academy, subordinates challenged me to a game. When I beat them at their game, they attempted to bully my and my assistant, Eli Vanto. That was the time I pulled rank to see how far they’d go. Interestingly, I submitted their names to Skystrike Academy. They seemed best fit there.

I received a minor promotion to transfer to the Manticore, fresh out of the shipyard. I have two squadrons under my direct command, which would normally be fine except for the fact that some personnel forget their basic training (more like they forget totally how to fly at all). Honestly, I don’t have the time to go over the fundamentals of flight when we’re supposed to focus on advanced tactical maneuvers. Frustrating, yes…and the other officers aboard fee the same. We occasionally need a good laugh (and a drink or two) to boost morale. In the confines of our little lounge, we air our grievances and then go back to our duties.

As far as the Emperor is concerned…well, I’m not serving for him so much as for my family, who feel my position is duty and honor bound. I do like the (limited) power I’m given, plus I enjoy having my squads outperform all the others aboard the ship. It’s great to hear from my commanders that my work is superior…if only the praise came with a more substantial promotion.

Skystrike Academy…somehow that story feels like a veiled threat. I assure you, I value my position aboard the Manticore far too much to do anything to truly merit a transfer there.

Then you must test your wards with unannounced drills under different scenarios.

Officially, all things are for the Emperor and the Galactic Empire.

-smirks- I never make veiled threats.

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