Grand Admiral Thrawn of the First Order

OOC: Found it. PRETTY PLEASE autograph and watermark your work. It gives us great headaches to share your work among our followers when you feel we’re trying to steal it and we’re not and NEVER EVER HAD INTENTIONS of thievery. We just like great fan art.

Why is this important? Because Tumblr deletes user’s accounts that are just sharing art for the sheer fandom of it. If we were selling “pillowcases” of this art in a post, yes, kick us off, but, goddamn, we’re just trying to be fucking Star Wars fans here excited about art. We’re trying to find the original post with the names to give proper accreditation. We are really don’t steal FAN ART for our own private uses. And if popping off isn’t going on Facebook or Twitter, then it will be clarified by Lucasfilm itself on who owns the license to the art regardless of what you think unless you’re lawyered up like that.

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