No Roleplay Is Worth Abuse


I mean it. No roleplay is worth suffering abuse, tolerating abuse.

  • “But I love my characters too much”
    Are fictional characters worth sacrificing self-care? No, absolutely not.
  • “But I love the roleplay too much”
    Is a story worth sacrificing your mental health? No, absolutely not. 
  • “But I can’t find anyone better”
    Yes, you can find better, more caring and positive people. Yes. You. Can.
  • “But they’re my friend”
    Friends don’t abuse. Period. 
  • “But I can’t move on without them/their characters”
    Says who? You don’t NEED someone else to move forward. That’s up to you and how you choose to go about it. Just because your characters are heavily intertwined with someone else’s character doesn’t mean you can’t leave and your characters aren’t able to move on.

I’ve heard all the excuses before and I just absolutely will never tell someone to stay in a roleplay if they’re being abused. I won’t stand for it. 

This is a hobby, first and foremost. A community where you’re supposed to enjoy yourself and have fun, not be abused, manipulated, and neglected. You will run into people who do this in the community unfortunately, but there is NOTHING in this hobby worth staying in an abusive relationship for. At all. Ever. 

You deserve much better than that. You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. Those people who are abusive don’t deserve you.

I myself have been a part of abusive RP. RP is not forced. Good RP includes writing and book discussions before ever writing dialogue. I’d rather RP with people as themselves or the VIP celebrities than to deal with powerplaying, godmodding, blatant putdowns forced RP. No means no.

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