A photo from the Thrawn panel at Salt Lake City Comic Con.

A couple interesting things came out of that panel for me.

One was that Mr. Zahn originally wrote Thrawn’s reaction to the enslavement of the wookies as something that was, in his words, much “softer”. The Star Wars story team, however, wanted at least one thing in the novel that made him more villainous, so Zahn changed it.

The other was that the question of Thrawn changing sides actually came up (not posed by me). And from the mouth of Mr. Zahn himself, though I’m paraphrasing here: Thrawn would change sides if he could be convinced that the Rebellion or the New Republic (a slip???) was a more viable option for fighting the unknown evil. Because that’s his ultimate goal: defeating the evil and defending his home world.

So there you have it! Two of the many tidbits from a great panel that caught my attention in particular.

Thank you to Mr. Timothy Zahn for being here and being fantastic!

-slow grin-

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