I’m honestly surprised that more people don’t realize that Konstantine breaking formation in “Zero Hour” was as much Thrawn’s fault as it was Konstantine’s. Thrawn screwed over Konstantine in “Iron Squadron”, sending him with insufficient troops, letting him be humiliated, and then taunting him afterwards. So when Thrawn says “don’t go after that obviously easy target”, is Konstantine gonna trust him? No, because he’s been dealing with Thrawn’s “games” all season. You can’t repeatedly abuse your authority over your soldiers and then expect them to follow you without question.

There’s a common thread where people seem to think that Thrawn’s a brilliant commander but he keeps losing cause he’s surrounded by idiots…..that’s the point. You can’t play lone wolf in an army and Thrawn is both terrible with other people and oblivious to that being a flaw.

Faults lie in the logic of the battleplans. I do not discard ideas if someone has a better one. Once the battle theater is set, it is incumbent upon all senior officers and high command to follow orders according to the lead officers battle tactics and strategies. Something Konstatine showed consistently low data on when post mortem analysis was done on his battle outcomes. The Darth Vader capture in the tractor beam is what brought my inquiry. I am required to find weaknesses in the Imperial Navy according to my rank and orders from Emperor and Darth Vader. They asked me to assess the situation and to increase Imperial Navy success from Rebel seditionists against the Empire.

I’m sorry you feel I have any emotion in the unfortunate loss of Admiral Konstantine. It sounds like your allegiance is for the officer and not the entire Empire. As an Imperial citizen, you have your free speech rights, for now… It sounds like you condone the deaths of millions, much like Saw Gerrera is motivated to do.

That is unfortunate. As a warrior, I fight for your rights. @aspiringwarriorlibrarian

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