There is no way the Aristocra would condone the slaughter of Force Sensitive younglings.

Thrawn wonders (via



Just wanted to say thank you for posting this because a lightbulb went off in my sleep deprived brain and it fixed a plot point in a story I’m working on.

I’m so excited. But first sleep. Then writing about Chiss.

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Are you “stealing” my fanfics? -smirks-

MUN: Thrawn, denial is not just a river in Egypt. The Chiss controlled their population due to scarcity of resources and they justified genocide among their people. Dirty deeds for a reason. They found a way to detect Force users and they killed them – not all of them. And the few who were lucky were absconded to the Jedi when available. At least that’s our headcanon. Why’d they do it? Stories are partially using “Brave New World” fascist mentality.

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