Up until now I never realized how similar Thrawn and Pryce are, but I’m just
slapping myself in the head for not noticing it sooner. There is legit a reason
as to why Pryce has as much time in the novel as she does (pretty much equal
time to Thrawn), because she is essentially Thrawn’s copy, and the other protagonist
of the book.

They are both fighting for the same thing in different ways, and
going through struggles to get to the top. And so it makes sense that they help
and each out, and meet each other at different points of the story, because the
dramatic irony is, that these two are essentially the same.

Thrawn joins the Empire—while not initially planned (he was testing the waters before, lets not
forget) for his people.

Pryce joins the Empire in Order for her family.

They are doing the same thing in different ways.

They both go through very real, very believable struggles.
Thrawn faces the Star Wars equivalent to racism but still manages to rise
through the ranks of the Empire to one of the highest positions.

Pryce unfortunately, suffers normal human struggles (her friends
betraying her, losing her job, etc.), but still finds ways to pull herself back
up despite the shit life throws at her. And sadly, it hardens her because she
learns the hard way she can’t trust anyone, and that things can be snatched
away from you if you aren’t quick enough to do it first.

Tbh that’s why Pryce is one of my favorite characters because we get to see her
progression from a genuinely soft, kind person, to the cold woman we see in
Rebels, and given all she’s been through, it makes completely sense.

In a sense, she’s a relatable
human being.

Because while she and Thrawn are the same struggle wise, Thrawn had
people he could trust, people who genuinely liked him.

Pryce, by no fault of her
own, had no one. And in turn, became cold. And I think everyone can relate to
instances in which people who were supposed to be there for them fucked them

But like Pryce, Thrawn is
super relatable. As a person of color, I can relate to his struggles as well,
being on the receiving end of racially motivated jokes, stares, etc., but as a
person of color, you just…gotta keep on sometimes. Because Thrawn makes a good point earlier in the novel, when
Eli asks him why he won’t do anything. And he says something along the lines of
“what can I do” and I’ve never related to something as much as I did that line.

Both Pryce and Thrawn are the
protagonist of the novel, and as relatable characters essentially fighting for
the same thing, we want to see them succeed. That’s why Pryce gets as much time
as she does in the novel, because in a sense, she is his equal.


That’s why they help each
other—I feel, because they are going through the same thing, essentially, and
depend on each other to an extent to get where they are. They can both respect
the fact that they went through some real shit to get where they were, and
essentially, neither wants to see the other fail due to that knowledge.

I had several years in the CEDF before Pryce joined the Empire. The Emperor knows that. Pryce still compared me to a Pantorean. Still not a compliment. She still had a privilege. I am aware of these things. Humans neurologically have to do this in order to analyze and understand it.

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