Inktober is coming and I have no clue what to draw. I’m demotivated in art, research and math classes. You know it’s becoming a real problem when @white-rainbowff has to resort to mailing me this for motivation.

Ugh, if only I can tell my PI that RT-PCR is not the same as qRT-PCR. He thinks I can do everything and dumps work like nobody’s business *wallows in project cesspool*

OMG. I feel you on the qPCR. If I’m having a bad hand day (I have some sensory/neuro crap going on) it takes me 2-3 times to get it right. I have a 15-hour assay and RNA extraction this week. Luckily my PI is really chill.

Partial differential equations ARE sexy. (Elon Musk is gross though.) Then again my husband and I courted via math problems. 

I hope your week goes better. And I hope you get your art groove back. *hugs* Maybe draw Beefcake scientists? Thrawn doing science? (Wait, don’t draw that. I’ll drool to death.)

(image by Sketching Science)

@mouzas LOL at that cartoon. Ah sorry to hear that you are having those issues. Do take care yes? I had a friend who developed carpal tunnel symptoms cos of too much pipetting and it affected her career.

qPCR (or rather, everything) is a pain for me mainly because my boss throws me half-baked ideas and I have to pick up the pieces to design a good set of experiments with proper controls. I will be writing the manuscript, so I need to cover my bases to stop peer review from asking too many questions.

I’m not really a fan of math tbh. I just have to take this refresher class because it is a requirement for engineers. I’m more interested in chucking a bunch of PDEs into MATLAB and letting it do the dirty work. Elon Musk may not be the most handsome man in town, but he is clearly extremely intelligent. His drive, willpower and ambition are things to be admired really. I know he is a rather polarising figure, so I can’t blame you:P

As much as I would love to see nerdy Thrawn, I think I’m burnt out on drawing him. This weekend I’m just gonna draw other Imp officers. Hopefully I can put out some Thrawn art in traditional media later for Inktober. 

festeringsilence I’m sorry your PI isn’t that supportive. Are you doing an MS/phD in Bioengineering? Or another field? Lately my lab (I’m biomedical) has been pairing with some bioengineers and I’ve been teaching them how to do Western blots. Are you doing a ∆∆ct for your PCR, or another type?

As for Elon, I think he’s smart, but I don’t like the way his employees are treated. My husband interviewed with Space X a couple years ago and we were like F*** no.

I was joking about the Thrawn stuff. I’m just glad you’ll be drawing or doing stuff other than science stuff. Please take care. Don’t burn out. Take breaks, eat, get enough sleep etc. /Mom rant

If you ever need to vent about grad school stress feel free to message. *Hugs*

@mouzas Oh I’m officially a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering, but my specialization is metabolic engineering. Simply because I ended up working in industrial biotech for a couple of years and my PIs are all metabolic engineers lol. Those bioengineers should be easier to work with compared to a traditional chemical engineer. I made that switch and by golly it was tough not having a biology background. Had to learn everything from scratch in a short time and even then, I still have lots to catch up. I’m planning to do ∆∆CT, but I will have to read more about it since the last time I did qPCR was 4 years ago LOL.

Yeah Elon is really pushy and demanding as a boss. Also, empathy isn’t exactly a strong suit of his lol. He is so goal-focused and obsessed with the future that he tends to forget the human element in the present. I admit it is a fatal flaw of his and I can see why many people take issue with it.

Thank you for the kind offer. I think I will be fine though. The current workload isn’t as bad as my days back in a startup. I’m just annoyed at the random half-baked ideas and silly expectations.

You both need to complete your experiments because major RO1 grant deadlines are due shortly with less funding… I would know that. Tarkin just told me about my TIE Defender program.

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