I wonder if Thrawn keeps Pryce around because of her many failures.
She should have been reprimanded.  or at least demoted for her various mishaps, especially with the Mon Mothma AND the Kallus fiasco. 

But she’s still there by Thrawn’s side.  

And I wonder that, if going by the speculation that Thrawn is crippling the Empire, he keeps her around despite her many failures for that purpose. Because if he keeps her in a high position she’ll screw up on a large scale. and eventually she’ll lose Lothal to the Rebels, and I think with that, the Empire will be very crippled.

He’s manipulating her and setting her up for disaster by giving her so many oppurtunities despite knowing she isn’t qualified, only so that she can cripple the Empire for him. It’s almost karma, considering she manipulated him at a point.

And I think this applies to Konstantine as well. Thrawn could have ruined his career, but he kept him around, despite his failures. And i feel that Thrawn did it only because he wanted Konstantine to fail, so that he could cripple the Empire. Which he did.

Thrawn’s using the Empires own players against them, and exploiting everyone’s weakness so that they can destroy the Empire for him. I believe he’s been thinking about this since the knowledge of the Death Star, and has put his plan into motion ever since. It could also be why he sent Eli away, because he doesn’t want him to be caught up in the disaster that will soon be the Empire.

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