Doing a little worldbuilding for the Chiss Ascendancy. 

Cse’tsu (vulpes csillus or Csillan Fox) 

Native to the Chiss Homeworld, cse’tsu are large fox-like creatures that dwell deep in the underground ice caverns of Csilla. Their dens can stretch on for many miles beneath the ground and are inherited from previous generations of cse’tsu. 

An omnivorous species, cse’tsu are quite resourceful and store whatever food they find in compact snow burrows they dig into their dens. They hunt small mammals and scavenge off other predator’s kills, sometimes sneaking into Chiss settlements to steal food if pressed. They also eat fish and a wide variety of plants and berries which they store when food is plentiful.

The greatest contributing factor to their survival on a harsh planet like Csilla is their increased metabolism and healing abilities. Trapped cse’tsu have been known to gnaw off their own legs to escape, only to regrow them a few weeks later, provided they can make it to safety.

Their eyes can see well into the infrared spectrum and have no trouble navigating in the dark. Though a clever predator, they are also a cautious one and will avoid open conflict if there is a clear risk to their safety.

Their bushy coats of pure white fur are covetted for their amazing heat insulation properties and the Chiss will use them to line their coats and clothing. Wild cse’tsu can grow up to two metres tall while their domesticated counterparts are often no bigger than a lothcat. A popular pet among the lower class Chiss, they are often used to track animals when hunting and keep pests under control.

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