Respected you until you posted R*ylo. That shit has nothing to do with Thrawn.


How interesting. You must not love art and you do not understand it or its importance in creative futures. 

Makes your mind insipid and useless, anon. Fact is your opinion is meaningless and your life has no wonderment and if you have a real job, I am not sure why you keep it to harass people online like your words have value and worth in the grand scheme of things.

If you are too ignorant and limited to understand that basic concepts of creating art, generating art and critiquing art in a civil and adult manner, then you are too ignorant to be with this campaign and I would not want you to be a fan of any parts of Star Wars, much less Thrawn or what we do here.

BE GONE FOOL for you offer nothing to this discussion that to set the record straight on your bigotry and tomfoolery.

And I’m going to IP identify you and separate you from your measly money since you don’t deserve to have it.

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Reminders. Careful.

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