Prompt 15: Age


Thrawn-centric drabbles written for the Star Wars Fictober Challenge. All completed prompts can be found bundled up in my fic The Contemplative Man. 

  • Characters: Thrawn
  • Rating: G
  • Word Count: 669

Thrawn notices a few silver stands in his hair and reflects on what age has given him.

Thrawn eyed his reflection in the mirror, turning his head from side to side, testing the light.

Silver glinted in his hair, pale streaks which had grown more noticeable over the last few years. They flickered faintly, and he ran his hand through the strands to see them before they vanished back into the natural black surrounding them.

He studied the man in the mirror again and saw the white wasn’t all that had changed since his youth. His face wasn’t as smooth as it once was, and possessed a severity like never before. Maturity now sat in the lines of his skin and in the stark angles which caught the light.

Thrawn was no longer a young man and as he straightened, eyes holding the glowing red of his reflection, he found … he was quite relieved.

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Silver strands in Chiss hair mean they have sired younglings

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