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There is much speculative basis behind this story. Since most of us are fanfic writers and not professional, literary or creative writers, we felt compelled to tell this story based on the fandom marketability on social media.

The first part is, when we first learn of Sabine Wren as a Mandalorian explosive artist in 2014, the first comment made was, Grand Admiral Thrawn would like to have a word with you.

Then being what we were, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77, we roleplayed what we thought that story would look like. What we learned is Sabine Wren was shocked that Grand Admiral Thrawn had any affinity to art. As we have currently discovered, only two people Sabine knows loves art: her father and Lando Calrissian. Calrissian likes art probably because his voice actor, Billy Dee Williams has become a renowned painter. Whenever you see him at conventions, if he speaks to you, you learn a lot.

Then, it is Grand Admiral Thrawn, the most notable character in Star Wars Legends that made the transition and has become exciting. If you have read Legends books, like the Thrawn Trilogy, you know his study of art is legendary.

So our story revolves around art.


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