A Thrawn disclaimer as a fanfic writer of Thrawn


Alright guys, I realize that maybe I should’ve stated this when I began my Thrawn short stories, but the Thrawn I’m writing is strictly canon. What this means for me is that I’m getting all my details and assumption for Thrawn from the evidence I find in the Thrawn novel/the Rebels TV series/anything new canon. My Thrawn is not Legends Thrawn. This is an intentional decision.

Similarly, the details about the Chiss, the Unknown Regions, and everything pertaining to Chiss, Chiss culture, and Thrawn’s background regarding Legends will not count in my writing until proven otherwise by the new canon. Yes. I might cherrypick a few logical details to supplement Thrawn’s background in my writing. Yes. I’m likely to save Thrass from time to time.

But, say, silver streaks in Chiss hair, which I am fully aware is a rare thing among Chiss in Legends?

Maybe a trick of the light, and I fully admit that, but light or not, those look like grays to me, which makes sense given his age. This is also not the only scene where the presence of grays is questionable either. And until otherwise stated I’m going to go with what evidence I’ve got because that’s in canon now. As I understand it, his eyes are also slightly different from Legends. I’m still going with the canon interpretation because I’m writing him in canon. 

That being said, I have always done my research prior to writing to the best of my ability, for both canon and Legends so that I know where the discrepancies are likely to be. And I think it’s important to politely remind everyone that when dealing with recanonized characters they are not going to be the same as they were. We’re dealing with a real AU which means there are going to be differences. I acknowledge those differences, and I’ve chosen to write the new canon world.

So please stop telling me I’ve fucked up a detail when the detail came from Legends. When it’s canon again, you can tell it to me all you want. But if it’s not, then please respect my choice and view in writing his character and the details I put into him. I’m doing my best, and comments like that are discouraging and disappointing.

People should be able to fanfic the Thrawn they want.

I will always love the Legends and I add tidbits in my fanfics. My group sent Lucasfilm the arts and crafts Ysalamiri for #GetThrawnIn.

But new fans only can understand what’s out before them. It’s there choice. My choice to enjoy the way I RP, write meta, headcanon, fanfics.

How much of Thrawn changes was not as much to us to get him back in. A watered down version…well. I think Thrawn is a formidable villain in SWR. It’s enjoyable to watch him.

Don’t you all Star Wars fans know that SWR and the two novels are prep for a live action movie? Or you didn’t think Disney Lucasfilm plans that far?

Let me put it you all like this: our booth at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and Orlando….

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