What is your preferred drink for informal gatherings, formal events, and in your spare time?


Anon, I try to limit any beverage or food consumption that contain inebriating substances. I am very selective who I drink with and where I drink. But, as a cultural exchange and the diplomatic nature of the Galactic Empire and in the Imperial Officer’s Corps, there are expectations and training all of us who attend the Academy learn. One must deal with gatherings.

Informal gatherings and hanging out, when I learned Sy Bisti, I drank a beer that I came to enjoy. One beer.

Formal events: Nabooian Aurodium Ryll Champagne Rose. Dry. -grins thinking about it-

My spare time, I enjoy several spirits: 

  • A Ruby Honey Bee Bourbon from Boz Pity. 
  • An interesting Vermouth from Sluis Van. 
  • A Corellian Bakura “Scotch”. 
  • If I imbibe, it’s once a month, if that.

    TBH, I drink plenty of 18.6 Ohm Purified Nano Pure Dihydrogen Monoxide from Nirauan from a carbon-filtered volcanic ash ice shelf.

    Hope this answers your questions, anon?


    I carefully considered my answers.

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