I just read somewhere that Sabine may be working with the empire. I can kinda see it forming now, just with every thing filoni said and the girl that plays Sabine( sorry I forgot her name).
They say she is really independent and filoni also said she’s not around in a lot of scenes. So maybe when she’s not there she is giving Info to the empire.
Also a lot of people are saying that when ezra is talking to the new inquisitor girl, that it’s Sabine. I’m starting to see it but I can’t really see her being a sith. I mean, she good and all but not that good.
It would make for a LOT of drama and heartbreak if she was a spy, so that’s why I want it to happen!
Does anyone agree with me that she could be working with someone other then the rebellion?

Why else would I keep tabs on her? @satansothersliceofpizza

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