Black don’t crack… Blue don’t ______________

Well, silvers that are throughout my hair is indicative of my age, 40-something

Grey silvers on the sides of my head specifically….well…No. I do not have.

At that stage, I call those “silver highlights”. They make you look…wise and distinguished. (Also, from what I’ve heard about Chiss, gray hair is indicative of having sired exceptional children…is there something you aren’t telling us, sir? 😜)

Though if you’re looking to get rid of them, I’m sure Sabine Wren might have a few dark blue dyes to spare.

Umm grey hair doesn’t have to mean age. Hell, I was 20 when I started going grey. My mom was 16 and had already gone totally white.

And @darthyaoi I am Chiss, not human. Different stress response. I did not add these highlights, they came by the strict gene inheritance when my parents illegally… well, I have them.

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