You say I culturally appropriate. I say you HUMANWASH (whitewash) me…STOP or I will throw you out the airlock with the trash (Legends quote).


“Wall Fragment material is BS”? 😂

Not sure what you mean by your question. I assume you feel slighted? Human emotion can cause maladaptive behaviors.

Ah, forgive me, Grand Admiral. I was simply commenting on one of the notes in the bottom left corner of the picture there. I found it amusing…I understand it’s only for the artists’ interpretation, but to an outsider like myself, the lack of context made it funnier than it should have been.

I would hardly say you’re culturally appropriating, by the way. Unlike a lot of people, you have a certain respect for other cultures that most humans are wont to mock or turn up their noses at. 😉

I see. Yes. Galactic Basic Standard have euphemisms and pejoratives that can be quite confusing to me. Eli use to help me understand. I’ve been able to get by on my own with some holotapes he left for me.

Individuals who claim I appropriate their culture better not love the Jedi. I’ve heard their temples are filled with artifacts both real life and holographic. And these other beings, Sith, tend to bury their artifacts except on Drommand Kaas. Hard to navigate into Sith Space.

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