OOC: Here’s the thing, if you go through our earliest posts and the posts from swag77.com we specifically ask for an “attractive Thrawn”. We were tired of all the males, with the exception of Kallus, appear, very old, fat, too young and inexperienced, and dumb. We wanted the “Male Form” – not some alien appearance. Fair is fair. There were all the women characters, so where was our “eye candy”? Besides our 2 Facebook pages: Sexy Geek Men and Sexy Star Wars Men did not have many pics before The Force Awakens images were released. There were so many Star Wars Girly pics everywhere 2 years ago. So we decided to fight back… 

Most fans were angry with us when we first posted. They yelled at us about “gaze” etc. We never made any character in sexy mode to appeal to children, that will NEVER BE OUR GAME. But, we are adults and we labeled all kinds of images we hold as NSFW and unsafe. What makes us angry is that it’s okay to have billions of Slave Leias and get it justified by fans than to ask for 1 or 2 Male characters to appear remotely sexy – torso pics, butt pics, whatever. 

What kept us motivated is @michaelstokes. We appreciate his work. 

BTW: Early images of Kallus were less than revealing. It’s all in the voice. That #HotKallus stuff started last season. It did not start when Star Wars Rebels was first released. It was only 3 tweets by us where Kallus speaks to Lucasfilm Traci Cannabino in a manner that an Imperial would speak to anyone. Most etiquette rules would say that Imperials would refer to women as “MiLady” and be very gentlemanly. The Old British Officer’s Etiquette Handbooks outlines these details for the last 500 years. It’s a colonialist perspective. So, when Lucasfilm story group decided to change Kallus’ story from Imperial to Rebel, Kallus may have difficulty adjusting because it’s not his cultural purview – Coruscanti lower levels.

Thrawn ironically immediately picks this up. He can see how there is a cognitive dissonance occuring in Kallus and since Thrawn is a gamemaster, he will play a piece to see how pliable Kallus is. Thrawn has not broken Kallus, yet. Will he? Who knows? 

That’s not where our interests lie. Our interest lie with the breaking of the Rebels. One in particular and Thrawn is doing it out of sheer inquiry. But he will have to compromise a lot of himself to create a breakthrough.

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