Why would I confront Kallus of his betrayal when I already knew he was worth more as Fulcrum. Kallus really thinks he’s a Rebel now. He does not know the first thing about sedition or treason. He has never been outside his comfortable “walls” of the life afforded to him within the governance of the Old Republic or the Empire. 

Frankly, I do not care about Kallus. I’d rather have him rooted out than be a drain on Imperial resources. Or passed around from one commission after another. That is not what I’m here for – reforming a privileged human brat given the entire galaxy and is angry that his parents are putting him on restriction.

His ISB training is good. The best that Screed and Rancit can provide. Colonel Yularen is still dumbfounded. His old ways of valor from the Old Republic with the Jedi contaminate his logical mind. Yet, he still remains allegiant to the Empire. Whereas, Kallus could not with one isolating singular encounter with the Rebels? 

Kallus’ pain is too emotional, too human to complete the tasks of the Emperor and Lord Vader.

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