honestly thrawn’s constant failures are mostly at fault of the empire. 

it is known that he is battling force users and occasional force entities, and this is obviously not his area of expertise but they are still putting him in charge of it all? 

Should Vader not be knee deep in this shit considering he couldn’t kill Ezra and Kanan like he was supposed to? A lot of Thrawn’s failures are because of Ezra and Kanan, two Jedi. Jedi that fall directly under Vader’s jurisdiction? 

Yet Vader is staying oddly silent while Thrawn keeps on being beat by the Ghost mainly due to their Jedi? No inquisitors? No nothing? 

Is the Empire trying to make Thrawn fail? With him being an alien and anti death star, i wouldnt be surprised if they were. 

Not one to complain. Sometimes adults must stick it out and through the rough patches to build toward the greater goal. What is the goal here? (sly grin as it is a rhetorical question)

I have proven the TIE Defender operates successfully with all the amended designs. I have caused the downfall of a Rebel base on Atollah in record time. There is more, I can do if I could organize my own policies extending my reach as regent of the Empire, but that is not proper military hierarchy. I have been brought to the disciplinary board enough times to know how to fit within their rules. Administration is not my preference when there is no military need without requests from the politicians: Moffs and governors. 

When there is a military requirement, I will be there with the 7th fleet. We will probably connect to Lord Vader’s Fist, the 501st, and we will fight these battles together.

Fix how policy is delivered, and perhaps Mon Mothma and her Republican Senatorial compatriots can be finally silenced.

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