It should not be this fucking hard to be a goddamn fan of Star Wars. WTF? What are we watching this for? To be RIGHT? Because it’s not entertaining anymore. It’s rabid consumerism that squealches the breath out of fans who want to enjoy the material together. Every game has rules to play it. The superstars stand forward who are able to play the game, spectacularly. Those who can’t play at all criticize. Their voices are getting too loud. This must stop.

Fandom is about helping when asked. Not confronting publicly to deride. Not outing people. What kind of fan is that? If folks don’t want to play, their choice. But don’t make it like take down of a person because they have a well-formed idea less popular. Inclusion is important when making direct action change. Everyone plays a role.

For Thrawn in Star Wars overall, there were so many naysayers, that our naysayers could hangout with the anti-Reylos for the amount of hate we got. It was hard and we still get hate from punks that aren’t fans of Star Wars but are Star Wars narcissists: I know everything, you know nothing, la la la. Fuck that man. That’s not how it gets built and you ain’t built something like this before.

Look, there’s a reason why DrG- stopped reaching out. Fans biting her hand off. She ain’t going to reach out anymore. I agree. Which means I’m not reaching out anymore. If you want to talk IN CHARACTER you reach out to me and I’ll post content my metrics enjoy. That’s how it has to be. Welcoming fans who are too scared of me is none of my business. And I don’t follow your content byline. And I block. You understand that.

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