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The question on moving forward with CINEMATIC THRAWN

Your return of interest or ROI with Nielson Ratings are for Star Wars Rebels in 2016: to 303,000/1.3 for children 6-11 (source

The numbers for Thrawn are uncalculated but there is a top 100 numbers that have not been reviewed.

Battlefront 2 fell to second place in the polls ending November 11, 2017. Other Star Wars products can be consumed similarly. 

The THRAWN novel landed #5 on the New York Times Best Sellers list for Print and Electronic as of April 30, 2017. (source). It is #2 of hardcover. (Thrawn novel)

Pre-sale of Thrawn Alliances cannot be calculated at this time.

Thrawn comic reinterpretation pre-sales have not be created online (source).

There are 4 access nodes, released and ready for release in 2017-2018 about Thrawn. 

The Google index has stated there are 1.77 million in 0.66 seconds. This is compared to 2014-2015 with lower Google relevant search results.

Odds are broad range marketability of Thrawn are at high levels as new products come online.

Also there are several toys and collectibles available: bit.ly/ThrawnStarWars

With a built in design, and careful projection, these values are promising to introduce Thrawn to the CINEMATIC version pending production costs. Will it be sole source? No. In general as part as the antagonist group? Yes.

This report is a work in progress (WIP) and may change without notice.

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