About “Thrawn” & no Plot spoilers! & why Rebels fans should read it


So time has come to blab.

1. The book shows the Star Wars universe as gray as it can be. There is no black, there is no white. There are no villains, and no one is ideal, not even Thrawn.
2. Speaking about Thrawn, that was most surely the very same Thrawn we knew in EU.
3. The book clears up the matter with Batonn & the civilian massacre.
4. Thrawn explains his motives completely. Also says very right things about the Empire.
5. The horribly heavy and corrupt bureaucratic structure is shown with brilliancy.
6. The book pretty much deals with the issues every single one of us has to face. You can learn your share from it. I did.
7. Remember Ryder Azadi? The former governer of Lothal? He’s in there. His story is really worth studying. Brings in a new light for what the Rebellion is.
8. There is a fucking lot of fuckingly awesome moments you have never before seen in a Zahn book.
9. Plotwists are going to hit you hard.
10. Very hard.
11. I mean it.
12. You will probably get some new excitement & theories on Episodes 8&9.
13. You must read it because ELI IS SO SWEET OH MY GOSH HELP
14. The book isn’t called “Thrawn” for nothing. It’s really mostly about Thrawn. Like, finally a Thrawn book gets to be about Thrawn. A bloody miracle.

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