I think I’ve mentioned before I associate Thrawn with solemn/weird classical or ambient music so I made a playlist on spotify with a bunch of music that just. Gives off that feel. Always had this moody picture in my head of him staring out into the vast expanse of space, too, so naurally a sketch of that followed as a thumbnail for the playlist. I love listening to this while reading the novels and have wanted to share this for a while :’) If Season 3′s Soundtrack had been out, ‘Thrawn’s Web’ would have been shoved in there as well.

Enjoy if you like? Maybe? If this doesn’t get buried with only 3 notes? (Which would be fine ofc, but still haha). Best listened to on shuffle because of me adding similar tracks one after another may make the various moods repetitive.

Here’s another playlist created awhile ago, should you want to hear: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL08Vy-OZ44ej0CoNoo8zKuiTAfJ2tJ4xX

You have a nice one.

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