Not me. I find the certain parts of the AU characterization rather inline with some of your own. Also, I have read yours. They’re quite good and I look forward to their development.

Alternative Universe? AU. When I write with most of the same “people” in the cast and then some? Because some people in my story will be killed off, there is no need to give them an official canon name since they did not die that way.

Besides, I’d rather leave these individuals deaths as is: Konstantine, Brom and Slavin. They could not plan for their next breath.

And Agent Fulcrum, or Kallus has betrayed the Empire.

There are other parts to my story that have yet to be written. There are many reasons for the delay. All are excuses on my part. It is hard to tell this story because what has to be done.

Besides, some of the Legends work have not come up on the timeline, yet.

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