7 Reasons Why Thrawn Is HAWT!

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7. He’s grand admiral of the entire Imperial Fleet. An appointed military position by the Emperor. He is not a politician like Grand Moff Tarkin or Governor Arinhda Pryce. He’s pure military with strategy.

6. Thrawn is nearing 50 years old in “Human Years” and he works out daily. Lifts weights. You can see his 8-pack.

5. Thrawn is always calm, cool and collected. Possibly has to do with his blue steel coolness.

4. He is a tactical military genius and strategist. So his game skills are way above your pay grade.

3. He is not into BDSM. He’s in to Tantra. He’ll mindfuck you 11 different ways with one touch.

2. He doesn’t have time for hearts and roses, but he has time for pure fucking devotionally. 

And the number 1 reason:

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Space Daddy


He’s a player. He might fuck Arinhda Pryce or Yogar Lyste. But nothing will come of it.

It’s rumored he’s set his sights on Sabine Wren. He wants to apprehend and interrogate her fully.

Where did the Umbaran spy get this information? #FakeNews!

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