Star Wars Thrawnbine77: Aliit Vucon’ocir (x)

Partial historical template for the basis of this fan art creation by @panda-capuccino: https://swag77.wordpress.com/2017/11/29/movie-kisses-history/

The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1926 silent movie entitled, Flesh and the Devil, featured the first on-screen kiss by a major motion picture studio. It featured Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. (source)

The story is about a young countess who meets a soldier. The countess is married and the soldier has to be sent to the front lines. Between both of them, the countess and the soldier have a torrid affair before he leaves. After he is deployed, she fears he is dead, and has an affair with his boyhood friend. But he is alive and the countess returns to the original soldier.

Of course in our fanfic, that is not how our story will be told. But Sabine Wren is part of Mandalorian royalty and she may be next in line to become the countess of Krowest. Grand Admiral Thrawn is still a soldier/warrior and falls under the line and tow to royalty. In his Chiss culture, he is a commoner. That can all change. 

This relationship follows the literary trope: The lady and the soldier – or like First Knight.

Sabine’s and Thrawn’s relationship should not happen, but there is much more at stake between them like a carnal desire that surpasses their rationality. An activation of sexual erotic desires supposedly suppressed.

What happens in the end? Still a work in progress (WIP).

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