And these “fans” say they have accurate information, but they can’t post the actual information from the referenced material. Who is the Wire.com? A magazine? From 2008? Why hurt Mr. Chee who said something about information of the time ~10 years ago and is no longer relevant? The relevancy  f this post is insignificant to the Force and is not in the spirit of fandom. The movie is coming out in a week and it will be excellent and everyone will not care what you say. FACT.

How about you PAYING ME for the harm you have caused me since 2012: paypal.me/SWAG77/5000 

Or you are a Russian Spybot used to takedown Disney because you’re mad at life that you feel has not given you a fair shake. Besides you are probably a racist bigot because your ignorance posts hate-filled silliness a week before the show.

The boss is right.

There are only a few reasons why they are doing this now. One of them is because of hatred.

No, it’s not. My only reason for posting this is out of my love of the eu that I grew up reading and helped me develop a love of reading. No hatred at all. Just a love of the stories.

Are you serious? How pathetic that it is conveniently 13 days before the release of the The Last Jedi. Saw the same rhetoric for The Force Awakens.

Present a better argument for your hate.

Yeah I posted this over a month ago. You guys chose to comment on it with accusations against me you had no evidence or basis for. But fine. Whatever.

No you did not. It’s recent on your Facebook page. I checked that. When you broad post across platforms it means you have unified your content and message. Your message is clear, you hate and you want to tell diverse groups of Star Wars fans how to be fans on various social media platforms for group cohesion and community. Then you casually cast differing opinions aside as to “Fine. Whatever”… How mature. If that is how you want to portray your ideology of a fictional universe, that is how you choose to operate. 

Most fans I see are AO3 and Fanfiction.net writing their butts off. Many just finished NaNoWriMo. Some are fan artists on their envisioning of a Star Wars story arc. But what are you doing? Shaming fans? What?

For the last 9 years of watching Star Wars closely, I have never seen this much online hatred of this one story. It is not at Celebrations we attend. In fact, Mandalorian Arsenals help us with our pricey Bo-Katan helmet. Great guys. Those are the fans I see.

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