chiss stuff from dark tide ii: ruin

In Chiss society, there is no adolescence. Chiss children mature early and are given adult responsibilities very quickly.

“Among the Chiss, celebration is saved until the job is done.”
“Even if it is never-ending?”
“If it isn’t ended, the celebration is false.”

  • in general, they don’t smile much
  • welcoming someone you’ve never met before based purely on familial ties, rather than potential advantage to either party, is considered odd
  • but also
  • “The Chiss, despite the impression I might have given you, are a thoughtful people. Deliberate, calculating, but not above a flight of fantasy or two. They are not averse to wondering where they would be, had life been different. Whom they would have met, how they would have met, what would have become of them.” 

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