Hands up – who think Thrawn will offer Hera her kalikori as a peace offering when they meet face to face?

I will burn it, just like her planet, Ryloth atop her father’s bones. I already have sufficient scans of her…what did the former Slavin say – that’s right – Twi’lek trash.

The time for pleasantries is over.

“You misunderstand, Captain. I’m not accepting surrenders at this time; I want you to know failure, utter defeat, crashing down upon you, and for you to know that it is I that delivers it to you.”

The Kalikori holds my attention regarding the Twi’leks on Ryloth and other intel I’ve gathered from the Emperor and Lord Vader. Other than that, it’s a mere family heirloom.

I’m just fond of artifacts. Pilots, not so much. What to do with either is far above and beyond my pay grade.

I am, too. Hera Syndulla is an exceptional pilot, and your pay grade has little to do with the return of the Kalikori to Hera’s family. Should such an item go to an insurgent?

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