“It’s because of Thrawn, isn’t it?” Eli cut in as he suddenly understood. “Moff Ghadi doesn’t care if I succeed. What he wants is for Thrawn to fail.” […]
“Fine,” she said, her smooth voice going dark. “Yes, he’s being promoted; and yes, there are a few of us who aren’t pleased by all the attention the alien is getting. […] All your alien friend cared about was showing how clever he was.”
“He also rescued the freighter crew.”
“Three of whom were aliens.”
Eli felt his skin prickle. “What difference does that make?”

Star Wars: Thrawn, a novel by Timothy Zahn.

Yet, Arihnda hounds me daily like she is my superior officer who has faced clandestine missions. I cannot manage emotions like those from Vuhn. It is ugly. 

As for Eli Vanto, why do you think I let my CO, Admiral Ar’alani train him?

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