Right now, you can’t be jealous that we were able to use a fan art piece that is intellectual property of Disney Lucasfilm.

The business of social media is to EXCHANGE of ideas, not HORDE them. We share our ideas. If we did not want to share them, we would bury them in a fanfic.

The more the idea is shared, the higher the marketing score and K-value in social media metrics. Fan art is a public entity as it is in searchable databases once posted. ONLY the costs to create the art is said to be LABOR and can be remunerated. THAT IS THE LAW!

The  ONLY mechanism to justify a DERIVATIVE is if the fan art dramatically differs from the original creators’ vision. Which means Disney Lucasfilm can send RICO cease and desist letters to all of us and most of us are too poor to pay for the fight and Tumblr will not back us up… THAT IS THE LAW, TOO!

But they won’t do it because sharing makes a product broad range in marketing and creativeness. That is the basis of Disney Lucasfilm. They want ideas out there. STOP HORDING THEM WITH SELF-RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDES!

We block for that. We support the Star Wars fans. Fans support the First Amendment of the United States Constitution – Freedom of Expression.

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