Fan Art and Fanfics Won’t Get You A Lucasfilm Star Wars Contract…

Your work will go unread, ignored and unseen. No one will steal your work to get famous with Disney Lucasfilm. No one will admire your old work. If you were an employee of Disney Lucasfilm, none of your work would be public. You are deluding yourself to think your idea supersedes the millions of legally contracted ideas Disney Lucasfilm already has in the open and in their bank-like vaults. Stop being a narcissist. As far as Disney Lucasfilm cares about your art or fanfic, it is theirs for the taking especially since they own the intellectual property, copyright and trademarks on all images and stories and derivatives of said work.

When Disney wants new ideas and polished ideas they hire the best through professional networks. Because, they can. It is based on the collegiality of the work environment and the trust to do the job. Nasty comments and hate messaging are taken into account on social media.

Doesn’t matter about your work hours, hard work, expenses to create said piece, your mentality is foul when you failed to do this for free out of enjoyment and expect remuneration. You can see that in creative pieces. Disney has been doing what they do for over 100 years.

You are lucky they don’t sue you by racketeering statutes and bog you down in court. You have lawyers that can go against Disney Corporate? You are lucky they don’t send you a cease and desist order. There are several cases Lucasfilm has done that, especially to fan groups, and these groups had to pay. Lately, they have had some relaxation. But you had better believe they will protect all their assets. Keep testing them.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is uninterested in discussing the corporate machinations with Tumblr users anymore except the #Reylos.

Good luck on your efforts.


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