I repainted Jacen twice, and Jaina 6 times before giving up.
I never read beyond the Yuuzhan Vong stuff, as i found it to be a fitting end, based on the books I did read in the EU. Like everything lead up to that, and then you know… Empire.. Republic.. Working together, nice stuff.
Also, chiss had no pupils in Legends, and same facial bone structure as humans, which is why they were painted differently here.
Also painted Stent like that one Thrawn image..

In order: Thrawn, Jacen, Jaina, Mara Jade, Karrde, Jag, Stent and Pellaeon.

We just said you need to read ONE book from Star Wars Legends to understand who these awesome characters are… Personally, aside from Thrawn, we like Pellaeon, Mara Jade and Jag. After that Jacen and Jaina Solo, then Karrad and Stent.

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