Hello! First of all I LOVE this blog, the writing make me all giddy and happy! So, sorry if it’s too much, but can you do headcanons for Grand Admiral Thrawn and his s/o, like how they fell in love, how they like to spend their time together, basically tooth rotting fluff >. < Sorry if it's too specific, I just love this blog so much! Anyway, I hope you all have a great day/night! ^.^


Sure! Definitely not too much!

  • as one of the few Imperials who isn’t speciesist, you’d feel for Thrawn and he’d sense that, so for you to start getting along and then even trusting one another comes fairly easy 
  • you appreciate the Chiss’s understanding of art and how tactical he can be, even if others don’t understand the methods of his madness
    • because you do understand, Thrawn holds you in a very high regard
  • you also understand that even though Thrawn can come across cold at times, he’s not always so and he does tend to warm up around you
    • he seems rather confused when he admits to you that he thinks he’s experiencing love, but that makes it all the more endearing 
  • he’s not extremely affectionate outwardly, but he does enjoy holding you close from time to time and kissing your temple 
  • there’s very little downtime thanks to Thrawn’s high rank, but you two make the most of it
    • whether it be light sparring to stay sharp or appreciating art ranging from Imperial propaganda or finer pieces
      • Thrawn appreciates that you, too, see the value in studying peoples’ culture and knowing the enemy as to best attack

The anons question is quite interesting given this one, too (here). How truly interesting.

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