Star Wars: Le Vernissage

Written ~2 years ago, with many corrections and still revisions. How it is for a writer with a disability. The main point of this article is Thrawn is not impressed with the Death Star and he warns Darth Vader. Thrawn learns that Vader was once a Jedi, Anakin Skywalker. I wrote this before knowing the latest Thrawn excerpt.

Star Wars: Le Vernissage

Thrawn smiles an internal grin as he now had been given the controls to this conversation, which was more predictable and the Sith Lord pattern of respiration indicates an interest in his opinions. “Yes, I know,” he looks at Vader’s naked organic eyes through his visor. “The Emperor and you are Sith, practitioners of the dark side of the Force, correct?” He turns back to the large window overlooking the ships as his right arm crosses over his torso and his left hand moves his index finger under his nose while goes back into deep thought. In his nonchalant pensive thought, he asks another question with deep earnest. “However, you, Lord Vader, your mannerisms are like that of a Jedi’s and quite unlike that of the Emperor’s.”

Darth Vader unsure of Thrawn’s line of questioning. “Explain.”

“Your cordiality. Your walk. Your parlance. It’s like a negotiation for you as you reach for consensus with your subordinates,” Thrawn analyzes the movements of the ships in space. After a long moment in silence hearing own Vader’s unchanging respiration, Thrawn speaks. “Pardon me, Lord Vader, might I inquire about something that perplexes me?“ An even longer pause as a large Star Destroyer passes. “Do the problems aboard this battlestation annoy you, too?”

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