Goofy SWR outcome where one of the Rebels stabs Thrawn in the back… but all the Imperials are too nice to point it out.


Like, a rebel like Hera or Ezra might stab Thrawn in the back. But since knife wounds can take time to process, Thrawn doesn’t even know.

Thrawn: Goooooooood morning, Imperials! 

Pryce: Thrawn, a-hem. Um, you got a little…

Thrawn: Oh, a zit, Better take have it laser-removed.

Tarkin: Thrawn, may I bring to your attention… an object protruding from your back?

Thrawn: Pardon?

Tarkin: Nothing!

Thrawn: So Emperor, anyway the plans are going perfect.

Vader: Thrawn, you have a-

Emperor: Shhhhh!

Vader: Master!

Emperor: It won’t be nice for him!

Vader: Master, guy requires medical aid!

Rukh: Sir, I’m short of a weapon, allow me to borrow your knife.

Thrawn: Sure, if I possess one.

Rukh reaches over Thrawn’s back and dislodges the knife.


Rukh: Thanks. Now I can slice this frozen butter.

-slaps forehead like a human-

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