Thrawn can (and will) eat 4 pints of ice cream and not gain a single pound




it’s canon folks i don’t make the rules

It’s true. My favorite flavor is butter pecan with cinnamon. Unless my followers have other ideas?

If there was an intergalactic Bax’n’Jori’s, Thrawn’s favourite ice cream flavour would be Thigh Destroyer (cookies and cream ice cream with smashed oreos and m&ms) or Caramera (salted caramel white choc ice cream with raspberry swirls that look like Chimaera tails) or Ysaltameri (salted caramel ice cream with salted cashews and peanuts and swirls of salted caramel). Also, he hates Death by ChocStar (choc mint ice cream with wafer exhaust ports smashed in), incidently this is tarkin’s favourite flavour.

Why not Blueberry Uj Cake Graham Ice Cream? 

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