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We already know that many of the top Star Wars fan sites are misogynoiristic and racist against Black women. SWAG77 has told them repeatedly to mend their ways many times. Never did any Black men fans or Black woman fans EVER come to our aid and helped us fight this oppression. Then they blame SWAG77 when the very misognoirity is blatantly portrayed on dominating sites as manifested in this racist bigotry in Star Wars movies we told people about YEARS AGO.

So now, here’s another one: 


Thandie Newton is the first Black woman to star as a lead character in a cinematic depiction of Star Wars.

One of the most intriguing character is the Disney Current Canon that has appeared  is SANA STARROS-SOLO – a partner to Han Solo in the comics.


You see Han Solo above, Leia Organa on the left and Sana Starros-Solo on the right.

Taking Sana Solo from comics to cinema would not be that difficult. Her character has definition. She seems intriguing. She can fight on her own and she can defend herself. In the end, that’s not what Han Solo wanted. He wanted Leia. Many stories to write about that. No one really has except fanfics.

Why CAN’T Ms. Newton be the famed character Sana Starros-Solo?  It is part of what she looks like. SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS to where Disney Lucasfilm unequivocally says it is NOT Sana Starros- Solo. 

You know what? It doesn’t fucking matter because rascist pigs have already started destroying this movie because their bitch cunt asses don’t know how to but their dicks up and act like they have some sense. I hate them. They are nothing to me. They should be nothing to you. And they are not about Star Wars or the fandom. Inclusion is not their game here. Exclusion is to go back being pretend space Nazis that blow. Rocks their worlds.

Thandie Newton could also be Rae Sloane – the reason it’s not an idea is because rocking the fro is a revolutionary act as a symbolic gesture. Sloane as a character participates in the patriarchy with some attempts to change it from within. Her success is the plot within the series. That character, if she is Val would have a shit ton of character build lost to the mainstream of the telling of the story – namely, Lando would hit it and she’d be gaga.

Sana Solo is a stronger character. Because she’s not Lando’s piece of ass, she’s Han’s… Different game level and she slaps the shit out of Dr. Aphra her other side piece. So Sana got it going on heavily and she probably doesn’t take shit. That’s her character design. 

Not the panties up the twat that a Caleb Dume/Kanan Jarrus frustrated with his Jedi Mind Tricks with Rae Sloane.

Read the SW Literature, dayum! http://bit.ly/SWStuffWAG77


No discussions. Disney Lucasfilm is wrong. That simple. Move, lead or get out of the way. I support SWAG77 position.

‘Solo’ Character Names For Thandie Newton & Phoebe Waller-Bridge – Jedi News – Broadcasting Star Wars News Across The Galaxy!

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