Why touching Thrawn’s favorite works of art is an epically stupid idea:


Let’s remember this guy from Legends: Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel

(Source: Wookieepedia) Delak Krennel was a Human male who served as an Imperial admiral-turned-warlord in the years following Emperor Palpatine’s death. Upon graduation, Krennel rose through the ranks and was eventually assigned to Thrawn’s Unknown Regions armada, as a captain in command of the Reckoning. (…) 

Krennel resented serving beneath a nonhuman officer, as well as his post at the Unknown Regions, but could not voice his frustrations to Thrawn, so he instead used his rage to escalate his brutal nature on the alien prisoners. 

Eventually, Krennel’s anger towards Thrawn had him decide to use a Vibropike against one of Thrawn’s artworks, in mockery of his superior’s tendency to utilize alien artwork to exploit an alien race’s weakness during battle. This resulted in Thrawn ordering one of his Noghri Death Commandos to cut his arm off from the elbow down before he could damage it, leading to his gaining a prosthetic afterwards. 

“Why study the art of a species when I know all I need to know to destroy that species?”
―Delak Krennel

Tis Bsehibi K’usm’acim’i

– Vuhn.

{Peace Brigade Trash – Humans}

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