Speculations are always fun. We know we’ve been cut off from Lucasfilm. They don’t speak to us as much as they use to. They know we know something and read their books for analysis. 

We’ve never done any action against them. But we might just have to…

We already have it where we don’t tag fan art as porn as long as their is gun toting on the site… Fair is fair. Have gun toting, we shouldn’t be docked for porn. 

We write our preferential fanfics and encourage everyone who feels like it to AO3 their fics to their hearts content. 

Our fandom is not predicated on the predictability of what Lucasfilm does safely next. Our fandom is an expression of our creative energies in a fictional world we enjoy discussing with fellow fans. Join our way. 

Our fandom lasts over 40+ years. 

Where’s yours? 

Breakable toys yelling at accounts on the internet?

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