Poor Pellaeon, upstaged by a bunch of Space Whales.

Thrawn was so looking forward to his second-in-command’s new canon debut so they could crush the rebellion together… maybe in a couple of years!

The finale did not hold back on wiping out Thrawn’s entire support base though – Pryce failed (more) and then went kaboom, Ruhk was fried, the Seventh Fleet was totalled and the Chimaera’s going to need a major patch job (if she even survives). Krayt spit, indeed.

Speaking of krayt spit, here’s hoping Thrawn gets to take a trip to the Chiss Ascendancy and meet up with Eli, given he’s the only friend he’s got left apart from Pellaeon, who may or may not be half a galaxy away depending on how many ships the Purrgil warped.

Looking forward to the Blueberry Space Survival Squad adventures first though, Ezra and Thrawn should be a very, interesting dynamic. Highly dysfunctional, at least until they get over the whole trying-to-kill-each-other-multiple-times thing. After that, who knows!

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