can we talk about whether we think the empire ever had military balls??? i just want to see imperials (and former imperials) in dress uniforms and i feel like this is not mentioned anywhere and i’m being deprived of thirst opportunities


I think they do, but not often. And not for everyone.  It’d be for higher ranking officials, mostly to make political contacts and such. Special occasions, like Empire’s Day in the higher levels and perhaps even a big ball on Coruscant in celebration of the Emperor’s Name Day. 

The males would come decked out in the decorative war ribbons and medals and be as clean cut as possible while the ladies have more freedom.

I’d love to see a Rae Sloane coming in a blue strapless dress made of glimmering Rylothian silk and decorated with a jewel encrusted shaw.  Her hair is down and styled and she is the most beautiful girl there.

Alexsandr KAllus be lookin’ FINE AF, his side burns are all trimmed up and he just looks fuckin’ good. No date, but he dances the night away with lots of different Imperial ladies because, lets face it, he’s very charming.

Wullf Yularen would come with his wife, that we’ve never seen but I just feel like he has one. He parades her around and is doubting and cute and brings her drinks and dances with her all night. Ya know, cute shit. He’s a sweet man.

Thrawn is here because he is expected to be so he does so brings Eli as his plus 1. Eli is an awkward bean and he cant dance, and Thrawn just doesnt know how to dance. So they just pretty much socialize and keep to themselves, but they be LOOKIN’ FINE IN THEM DECORATED UNIFORMS

Arhinda Pryce is there just to gain contacts and makes sure to wear an OVERLY GAWDY DRESS with WAYYY too much cleavage, but aint no one sayin’ anything because everyone lowkey hates her 

Tarkin is there and is fairly friendly, he’s in his element. He’s there alone and is merely there for the sake of appearances.  He’s judging everyone in silence for their outfits.

I’d like to see Iden Versio there with her team – She herself isnt high ranking enough to go, but perhaps her Dad pulled some strings as a gift for her? Iden gets all dolled up, this is like the first time she’s worn makeup in months! Perhaps she and Dell Meeko share a dance, as friends, but that’s totally where he calls in love with her? After all, she’s the most beautiful thing in the room!

Yes. For my last formal, I wore the Chiss sash, which is light blue fringed in gold lace.

(fanfic here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/8721397/chapters/30824181)

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