Toward the end of this youtube, Thrawn bombards Lothal to hurt it’s citizens as Ezra Bridger first believes Thrawn has failed to take position. The Rebels were unprepared for the loss of civilian life, whereas, Thrawn saw right through the Rebels plan to beat him at this point of the story. Then when Thrawn demonstrated that bombarding the city, Ezra could not handle the casualties from the Star Destroyer’s laser blasts – he quickly surrendered to Thrawn. Then, Thrawn told Ezra to show up alone or else he will continue the bombardment and then destroy his friends.

During LIVE TWEET, my group posted this tweet, that garners a lot of likes for my tiny group:

Would Thrawn have “stuttered” if it was Sabine Wren than Ezra Bridger?

Although we know that is not how the story goes and why it did go the way it did.

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