Please stop telling me to adopt instead of trying to conceive a baby.


This isn’t cool. Earlier this week I lost 12 embryos. After multiple daily hormone injections and invasive vaginal ultrasounds every other day and blood work and a surgical procedure that involved sticking a needle through my vaginal wall to extract eggs that were then killed by sperm that I paid a thousand dollars for. I’m not here for you to tell me to just adopt a child. THIS is what I can feasibly try to afford, not a $50k+ adoption. 

AND I want to be pregnant. I want to carry my baby and feel my baby move inside me and nurse my baby and if that makes me a bad person, then I’m a bad person. I don’t see people approaching straight couples with children and asking “Why didn’t you just adopt?” I’m a queer woman married to a person who does not naturally produce sperm, so some sort of fertility treatment was always my only option. That or adoption. And making me feel like I’m a bad person for not adopting is shitty. That’s shitty. Especially DAYS after I experienced a loss, not only physically and emotionally, but also financially, about $7000.

You are not my family, so please don’t tell me how to build my family. I will be turning off anon for a little bit.

Wish there was Chiss Eugenics in play for you and your wife with your natural genetically related child. Technology in the real world sucks. I hope you do another round and it takes.

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