so this started out as painting practice i swear. i wanted to try painting musculature w/o a lot of linework like i normally do and then it turned into this. ymmv on if i was successful, tho i quite like it. like i can see problems but it’s my first go w this kind of painting, i’m sure i’ll improve w practice. kind of wish it wasn’t borderline porn so i could post it on my regular blog(s). i felt like i was designing a dakimakura the entire time. idk why i drew his neck so slender. wasn’t paying attention i guess. i suspect i initially didn’t intend to post it but i’ve spent too long on this to let it collect dust in my hard drive lmaoooo. totally half-assed that background.

No, I do not have hirsuitism in my genital area. I understand the artist’s rendering. But, Chiss do not often have much pubic hair, and most depilate by wax or laser. It is big business in Chiss Space. Just saying.

Like the musculature and lines. It indicates an unchanneled sensitivity not often recognized in Chiss, and it is captured perfectly. Usually, we are depicted with cold chiseled lines similar to “superheroes” or “villains”.  The color chosen is lighter to show romance. I get that. -folds arms-

My areolae are darker Cerulean blue. The black indicates necrotic dermatitis on Csilla – really – Catia and outlying planets. The salts in the waters on those planets ruins our flora in our digestive tracts to cause the dead blackened skin. -chuckles- Which I actually had when I was youngling at 10 years old.

I really like how you formed my face. That part shows an accurate depiction of me. Thank you.

Thank you for your time in your work. Just a point of reference.

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