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It’s been awhile. And today is a bad writing day for me. But this meta idea won’t leave.

“You and your Master, Darth Sidious, told me of a people you call the Far Outsiders gathering at the edge of the galaxy,” he said , turning the weapon over in his hands. “Have you ever actually seen these beings?”

“As far as I know, we haven’t,” Doriana admitted.

“I thought not,” Mitth’raw,nuruodo said, suddenly intense. “But we have…” 

A cold chill ran up Doriana’s back. “Where?”

“At the far edge of the Chiss Ascendancy,” Mitth’raw’nuruodo said, his voice dark and grim. “It was a small reconnaissance force, but it fought with such savage ferocity before it was finally repulsed… Our peoples will end up fighting side by side against this threat.”

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Here’s the thing, in Star Wars Rebels and the book “Thrawn”, the “Far Outsiders” are probably not going to be in re-introduced, yet. The “Far Outsiders” are the Yuuzhan Vong ( @yuuzhanvong77 ).

Their entire technology is biological and they are super religious from another galaxy.  Also, they are Force Absent, meaning they cannot be sensed in the Force, therefore, it takes a lot from a Force user to take them down unless they can do a Thought Bomb or a Wall of Light. Those are superpowers that only the best Force users can wield.

Anywho, for Thrawn, based on the new novel, he’s learning about Galactic Empire tech so he can bring back to the Chiss Ascendancy to fight the Far Outsiders. It’s not that the Chiss are scared of them, it’s more like the Chiss don’t know what to do with them and how they tend to change planets including axis, rotation and their orbits – think of the them slamming moons into planets called Yo’gand’s Core to create a shipwomb to build living ships.

And my group has a ton of Yuuzhiee craziness, so we make up stories all the time with our characters. 

So, the Chiss are good enough scientists to create Alpha Red – vongicide – nasty stuff. It digests Yuuzhan Vong parts. Of course the Sith took it and made Omega Red and it kills everything.

Overall, I know that Filoni wanted his Yuuzhan Vong in there. Unsure if he’ll put it in there, or not.

And Snoke could be an Umbaran that can survive a Sith Thought Bomb and tangled with the Yuuzhan Vong who wouldn’t survive, but see, Yuuzhiees tend to get off on dying well.

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