“There is no way the Aristocra would condone the slaughter of Force Sensitive younglings.”

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Just wanted to say thank you for posting this because a lightbulb went off in my sleep deprived brain and it fixed a plot point in a story I’m working on.

I’m so excited. But first sleep. Then writing about Chiss.

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Are you “stealing” my fanfics? -smirks-

MUN: Thrawn, denial is not just a river in Egypt. The Chiss controlled their population due to scarcity of resources and they justified genocide among their people. Dirty deeds for a reason. They found a way to detect Force users and they killed them – not all of them. And the few who were lucky were absconded to the Jedi when available. At least that’s our headcanon. Why’d they do it? Stories are partially using “Brave New World” fascist mentality.

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Do I think it’s possible the Chiss would murder force-sensitive younglings? Absolutely. To me their society is founded on order, pragmatism and a Utilitarianism forged in ruthlessness (which has formed, as you pointed out, from their environment.) And Young Chiss with force powers would be rare enough to upset the balance of power/social order, and that’s a big Chiss NOPE. (They could also be used as tools to benefit society as a whole, but all that power in one person…. I don’t think the Chiss would like that)

They are also a people of intense pride and are into tradition and ritual (off the top of my head the greeting ceremony in outbound flight comes to mind). I don’t think they would murder younglings outright…. But put a veneer of civility on it.

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No, Chiss would not murder younglings outright, but in an in vitro system of control, which Chiss do and like, they’d restrict Force prescience. Like fetuses would be Force blind/insensitive. That’s our headcanon. It’s not official. It’s the way we are telling out story. Chiss would breed out the Force prescience in their generations. There are problems with that and part of out developing plots.

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My my…how interesting this is in light of things… Written 9 months ago.

Interesting indeed, although I never suspected the Chiss would use younglings the way they do. Frankly the idea of a youngling holding that much responsibility over anything is a bit terrifying.

OOC: It was either outright euthanasia… Or what you see…without getting into too much detail. Obviously, now we know.

Now, the suspicion is…he…or was he? 😉

It would explain a lot…

Yes, from his reaction, (it’s probably the most emotional we’ve seen him ever) I suspect either him or a very close family member. But I suppose we’ll see….

OOC: I think it is… Because of several actions he took and based on the THRAWN book and comic, and this story…says he may have been. The conversations between key people in both pieces of literature obviously is a major “plot point” changed from Legends (and retconned, too) in order to “fit” this narrative. The SWTOR literature that has come out about Copero, etc, and the connections with the Sith Empire and the Ascendancy leaves reams of speculation. Why write this story like this? There’s so much fanfic, and roleplay gamemaster guides that really aren’t that. Each SW Thrawn fan knows the Legends literature back and forth…and this development is like…WHOA! Can’t say it’s not predictable to a point. Can say it is interesting…

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