Thrawn A Former Force Sensitive?


Thrawn A Former Force Sensitive?

Major spoiler for Alliances. So Chiss have their own Force users, but they are mostly female children who’s abilities diminish over time. Younglings who volunteer to are then put to work as navigators for the Ascendency. In the Old Republic franchise, Chiss are shown to have the ability to wield the Force still as adults so in my headcanon, prolonged isolation has affected their genetic abundance of midichlorians. But was Thrawn himself one of these little “sky walkers”? He hinted that it’s not exclusively females who are Force sensitive, just that pretty much everyone has lost their powers by the time they hit puberty. In that case, could he have been one? Maybe that’s why Vader couldn’t sense his thoughts; Thrawn retains a genetic trait that allows him to slightly ward off his mind from others. Hey, it’s just me entertaining a thought here. I’m not saying one thing or another, just that he has a mind that Vader viewed to be similar to the Chiss children in its order and structure.

The University of Sanbra holodoc on the Chiss (EU/Legends canon) is much more comprehensive. And you know…it would look something like this, perhaps? @amethystgypsy712

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